About Me

Amin Nadi is an Iranian-Canadian integrated media artist and creative director. His practice focuses on utilizing documentary media, found objects, specifically light, reflective materials, and new media. He seeks to explore the sense of nostalgia, time and space, personal and collective memory, retrospective, prospective and utopian dimensions of nostalgia, and its theosophical relationships according to Islamic philosophy and Illuminationism conceived by Suhrawardi.
He is interested in the topography of the past interpreted through the lens of history and the present. He puts forth that today will become history, at the very least marginalized history, in the future; Therefore, the human lives future history with its emergent reflections of the past. In the face of an ever-growing human desire for progress that discards the past, the human may become a victim of his own doing. The present time gets surrendered to proceed. It means sometimes, nothing will remain from the past, even as a departure point to recall.
Amin Nadi completed his MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor. He works as a freelance image-based media artist to explore documentary mediums focusing on multidisciplinary approaches